Over the past few months I have learned one thing: you have to be extremely careful when reminding people of Islam’s teaching or perspective about something. Many don’t care, some think you are insulting them, others think you are questioning their iman or knowledge about Islam.
I suppose it doesn’t matter if you did that out of pure concern for someone, with the intention of saving them from a sin or bringing them closer to Allah or simply to fulfil your duty towards a Muslim bother/sister. Your approach may be far from condescending, your statements may begin with an apology, you’d end up feeling unwelcome and intimidating…

Since when did that start to happen? Aren’t we all supposed to help each other correct our ways and become better Muslims and persons?

My mom says that we shouldn’t kill spiders because of ‘religious reasons’. I know about Prophet (saw)’s story at cave thor but I wonder if it’s forbidden to kill spiders… I am not scared of them but if i ever spot one in my room, I have a hard time falling asleep that night. Spiders here are quite creepy too; like sparkly gold color, green-grey color or maroon color.